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Olie is a cutting-edge communication app that lets you speak freely with a group of athletes or team members at any distance, in any environment. With noise-cancellation tech and no need for additional hardware, Olie keeps thrill-seekers and activity junkies moving and connected – completely hands-free.

    A New Concept In Sport

    Welcome to a seamless, hands-free, voice-activated communication system for sportspeople, hobbyists, or anyone involved in outdoor activities. The Olie App offers unlimited range, navigation, and noise cancellation in a single, simple-to-use app.

    Our mission

    Make the world feel like a smaller place by connecting athletes  when it matters the most.

    Why Olie Different?

    People’s involvement in outdoor activities has grown dramatically since the pandemic — according to Forbes, National Parks have shown an increase of up to 74% in visitors. With 190 million US citizens both smartphone users and regularly involved in outdoor pursuits, the Olie App is a digital assistant ideally placed to enhance the experience.

    Fully functional

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    Secure Data

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