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The future of work is here, creating new challenges and amazing opportunities to build new solutions that support the evolving ways we connect instantly.

Olie Business


Hybrid models that embrace remote work are just as productive while giving workers more flexibility.


The next generation of business solutions must be designed for remote collaboration, engagement, and access.

Human Resources

Embedding communications directly into business applications provides streamlined collaboration with shared context.

Core Value

Your All-in-One Internal Communication App

The ubiquity, portability, and flexibility of mobile makes it the platform of choice for remote work, requiring a mobile-first, cloud-oriented mindset.

Team Growth

Olie Business is a group talk platform developed with the purpose of promoting the growth of the whole team. Bring your team a more solid growth experience .


Olie makes group communication for up to 50 people easy and instant. By always connecting the team by voice, all kinds of knowledge will be seamlessly connected, leading to the creation of new value.


Olie Business is a cloud-based open platform. We will continue to develop new functions that combine voice and advanced technology, such as instantly converting group talks into data.


Embed voice chat into your app so employees can quickly and easily collaborate, share information, and solve problems, all within the application. By providing these services in-app, you eliminate the need for users to depend on generic web conferencing tools for communication, enhancing productivity.

Core benefit

Everything your team needs, all in one place.

Speed up reviews and approval.

Olie Business consolidates all the feedback in one easy-to-track place. Say goodbye to confusing email threads.

Share files in no time flat.

Upload and download large video files at lightning-fast speeds that rival most file transfer services.

Freely share video with anyone.

Securely share work with anyone inside or outside your Olie business account for free and notify them instantly.

Work from anywhere, on any device.

Remote team members can upload, review, leave feedback, and more using our award-winning apps.


A platform that scales with you.

Teams and people change. Olie Business is a cloud-based open platform. We will continue to develop new functions that combine voice and advanced technology, such as instantly converting group talks into data.

Fast, easy set up

Integrate voice, messaging, and live streaming so users can communicate and collaborate seamlessly from within your application. Olie Business makes the process quick and easy with flexible Software Development , customizable User Interface and pre-integrated third-party extensions.

White label customizable

Olie Business’s comprehensive set of APIs, pre-built extensions, and low-code and no-code tools makes it easy to meet your customers’ needs. With highly skilled support organization, Olie Business can help you build the next great productivity communication tool.

Unlimited teams

Create as many teams as your projects require. Give everyone secure access to only the content they need, and nothing more.

Boost productivity and connection

Schedule a demo of our platform today, and learn how Agora can help you reimagine engagement.


Adopted a mechanism that is hard to be intercepted by digitally encrypted communication.

Adopted a mechanism that is hard to be intercepted
by digitally encrypted communication.


In addition, all voice data is encrypted, so the risk of leakage is extremely low. For companies that need to ensure security when remote work employees handle company information at home


"Olie Business has allowed us to make sure there is a personal responsibility for each person because they have individual logins and also because they have watermarks on the edits they’re sending."

John Little — Co-founder and President, AntareCorp

Support & services

Tier one support that’s second to none.

At Olie Business, your success is our highest priority and our support plans are designed to help you exceed your ever-evolving business needs.

Featured Partner Benefits

Around the clock support

Each customer receives a dedicated Customer Success Manager and access to 24/7 in-app support in 13 different languages.

Top-tier onboarding

Experience greater scalability, performance and operational efficiency – from 1:1 consultation, issue classification, to strategic production escalation and more, we’ve got you covered.

Dedicated account team

Our dedicated team of experts is committed to delivering an unparalleled support experience.

Return on investment

Communications results you can see. And measure.

Olie delivers significant business value, including post-production that’s 26 percent faster according to the 2020 IDC Business Value Report.


Faster turnarounds


Fewer revisions


Fewer rounds of reviews


Between version stacking and organizing things into different folders, we’re able to work the way we want to work.

Derek Brown — Head of Operations, MALKA


Compatibility with Smartwatch

Olie Business supports a wide variety of third-party add-ons to give your apps additional functionality and flexibility.


Frequently asked

No. You can securely share media with anyone outside your Olie Business account for free via unlimited review links and presentation pages — neither of which require them to sign up or log in. Reviewers are notified immediately and can view and comment on any device using their browser or the free Olie Business  app.


We support any platform that conforms to the SAML2 protocol for SSO, including ADFS and Okta. In order to integrate with your Identity Provider we will need an X509 certificate and an entry point URL for your service.


Absolutely. And you can tailor a package with active and archival storage that matches your organization’s needs.


Yes. Enterprise accounts include Asset Lifecycle Management, which you can adjust per team at the frequency you need to delete older assets.


Enterprise accounts include a dedicated responsive team who can assist with initial onboarding and help make sure that your organization gets the highest possible productivity and benefits out of our platform. Your Enterprise account also includes 24-hour global support with response times of less than an hour.

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