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Our revolutionary technology is all about convenience and freedom of communication. Here are Olie Apps’ key features and functions that are designed to make working more efficient and playing more fun!

Unlimited Distance

Connect anytime, anywhere

Since the Olie App is an internet communication, the call distance is unlimited. It doesn't matter the distance or even the border.


Voice Utterance Technology

No need to press a button, just talk and start a conversation. Accurately detect human voice with minimum processing time. You can enjoy an unprecedented sense of communication.

Built for Businesses

Olie App easy to set up

Olie App can be set up in just 3 simple steps:


Download the app

Download Olie App to get started.


Create Group

Create your group department


Ready to talk

Instant group talk

Olie app small (1500 x 520 mm) (800 x 520 mm) (3)

Up to 30 people can make simultaneous calls

The Olie App application allows simultaneous connections of 30 people


Unlike a walkie-talkie, two-way communication Olie app provides simultaneous call two way instant communications

Minimal battery and data usage

Olie app communicates only when you are talking, which saves battery power and traffic. It works fine in background mode.

Go beyond network

Olie App create a secure mesh radio network and you don’t need Wi-Fi or cell signal.

Proven Performance

Olie App learning automatically optimizes the user's voice environment, and the noise filter can be adjusted manually.

6 M/S (-74%)

10 M/S (-69%)

8 M/S (-76%)

12 M/S (-71%)

Outstanding Audio

Clear Audio

The Olie App Voice Call SDK uses a 48 kHz sampling rate with full-sound bandwidth capture. It provides natural audio reproduction.

Surround sound

Olie App Uses automatic echo cancellation, automatic gain control, automatic noise suppression, and an AI-powered noise cancellation algorithm,

Seamless audio

Olie App proprietary algorithms ensure consistent audio, free of stutters and jitters, even under challenging network conditions.

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